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FAQ's about Leaks

Costs of repairs and what factors increase the costs.

When giving an estimate of cost, several things need to be taken into consideration. No two jobs are the same, and so repair and cost can vary.


  • The depth of the pipe, for example. If a pipe is below 5 feet, a process of shoring the trench must be enabled to protect personnel. 

  • Underground utilities need to be taken into consideration when digging and excavating so as not to interrupt service. If these utilities are on private property, then a private utility locator must be brought in to discover their position. This adds to time and cost. 

  • Sometimes the location of the issue could mean special permits are needed to be purchased for traffic control. 

  • If asphalt or concrete work is involved, this needs to be incorporated into the overall excavating and subsequent repair cost. 

  • Landscaping, trees or tree roots must be dealt with in ways that help preserve them and keep everyone safe. 

These are a sample of why each job is different and why there is no typical price for overall work. 

I have a septic system. Should I get it checked out?

I have inspected several leach fields that had some sort of excavation within the footprint of the septic tank’s radius. Issues that could affect the performance of the septic system include improper maintenance scheduling, excavation within the leach field, problems with the distribution piping or the tanks themselves. 

The septic tank must be pumped, or it will fill up with solids, eventually leading to solids being introduced to the D tank and leach field. Gray water travels down a pipe to a distribution tank or commonly referred to as a D tank. The D tank evenly distributes the effluence through a series of pipes that make up the leach field.   

It is recommended to get your septic system checked out to keep it healthy and avoid improper leaching, and to assure all the pipes and fittings are secure and functioning optimally.

Hiring a non-biased scoping company.

Some plumbing companies invest in a sewer camera and boast of being able to use this equipment to provide a better service to their clients. However, the cost of this equipment can be upwards of $8,000. To put this kind of equipment into the hands of a new hire or inexperienced laborer can be risky business for any plumping outfit. Most plumbers are hard-working folks that demand a certain level of resiliency from their tools and working environment. However, there are those who promote themselves as being more advanced and capable of solving your leak problem by having this sewer camera. I have seen many incidents where a company used a video of a bad sewer to sell a sewer replacement when it wasn’t even necessary.  

Altitude Leak Detection will show the client the shape of the sewer line and explain what issues exist and the best way to deal with them. We don’t need to razzle dazzle you when we know all you really need is an honest evaluation of the problem using simple means to locate and diagnose your water leak. 
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